Abadis Consultant Group

     "Abadis Consultant Group" co. provides accommodation services by purchasing properties in the villa areas facing the sea in Spain. The company wants a brand that is friendly, and reliable, and that motivates investors to work with them.


signage design,

brand identity



Abadis-Logo Guide-01.jpg

Concept and Idea:

     The concept came from memory: a sunset next to the sea when you can feel calmness flowing through you. The design shows these elements: the sea, waves, red sky, and boat combine to represent a peaceful time in the summer. I included the house icon in the typography to connect it to the company’s real estate services.


      The challenge was to identify the brand that would unite the vision and uniqueness in a very competitive market. The client didn’t want the brand to be too serious or conventional but did want it to reflect the company’s convenience, availability, and reliability. In their business, it is important that people trust the group as a place to invest their money.


        I brought a different modern sight to something official and I designed an abstract way of representing their services. I created three different styles for the same icon to give them flexibility for future use.