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Bed & Bath Outlet


Bed & Bath Outlet is a website that provides different types of bed and bath utility.

Project Team


Monireh Pourazar:

UX-UI Designer

Ali Sherafat: UX-UI Designer

Somayeh Sheikhi: UX-UI Designer


Adobe photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Project Type

Student Project

Project Timeline

March- April 2021

Goal and Challenge:

Our goal was to improve the product for a more reliable and convenient user experience throughout the website. The task was straightforward: users should be able to: find, choose and buy their desired products in an experience that’s efficient and pleasant. The target was to create a strong foundation for an evolving business and a more diverse user base. Our challenges: 


  • Keep users’ engagement till the end of purchase.

  • Making selection easier and more accurate for users by providing product information.

  • Increase consistency across the interface to help the user’s journey. 

  • Increase user satisfaction by implementing accurate advanced search and filters.

  • The recategorized menu bar and products placements for a better user flow by utilizing Information Architecture methods  

  • Increase user satisfaction by providing a barrier-free experience.

  • Improve efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.





Heuristic Evaluation

After looking into the Bed & Bath Outlets website, we found numerous issues with the site. Overall, based on HE’s rules, the site had major shortcomings ranging from the visibility of system status, design consistency, and standards to flexibility and efficiency.


Competitive Analysis

We audited the existing websites. This website has a lot of opportunities to improve the design both aesthetically and efficiently. We realized that our website had flaws in many aspects.




The purpose of persona is to create reliable and realistic representations of our key audiences. Persona helps us to add a layer of real-world consideration.
User Persona Freebie - by Adriano Reis.j

Card Sorting

Since the original website had unclear and misleading categories. We decided to have a closed card sorting survey and reduced the number of categories. This brand doesn’t provide a lot of items in each department. We decided to merge the Home & the Kitchen categories and consider it one big tent. 
We conducted card sorting and implemented interviews to assess users' perceptions and attitudes. We created 59 cards and 7 categories and had 27 participants. 

Card Sorting.jpg



Restructuring the information architecture was quite an iterative and collaborative process. Below is a somewhat final draft of the information architecture.

User Flow
We created a user flow to map out a journey for our persona. Here our persona goes through several interactions in order to buy her desired product which is the main goal of the website.
Outlet Sitemap_Page_2.jpg

Site Map

Outlet Sitemap_Page_1.jpg

Medium Fidelity Wireframe
Our primary sketches and low-Fi wireframes were primarily designed to encompass all of our findings through the research phase. We put improving user flow and easy navigation through the website front and center of our goals. A simplified menu bar for easy navigation, a clean and elegant header for brand recognition, and adding popular segments for quick access answered some of the problems we excavated during our research. 


Medium Fidelity Prototype
With the first medium-fidelity prototype, we ran a Usability test and asked random 5 users to do two tasks. And we found a few hidden issues about how users navigate through the website that was efficient to add more functionality to our website.

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