New Millennium Movement Foundation

Managing, Mentoring, and Motivating Youth

The New Millennium Movement (N2KM) engaged us to craft their digital strategy and redesign their website. We refined their message architecture and structured their content, which served as the starting point to design a responsive identity site that positions N2KM for the future.

We designed and shipped this responsive website within a tight design and web development timeline.

New Millennium Movement Project


It was a team project where I assumed the UX/UI Designer role.



Adobe Photoshop


Project Timeline

Jun-Oct 2021



Users need a way to access timely content because the current website is not purposeful, lacks consistency, and all information is categorized chaotically.​


Strategy & Approach

By designing an accessible, responsive, and informative website for possible users, we will be able to provide sufficient details that extend to a higher reach of people.


Final Experience

We re-designed the current New Millennium Movement website to provide individuals with more meaningful information about services, programs and easy ways to get involved. This would help establish trust and confidence in N2KM, increase awareness, and ultimately empower individuals to get involved.

A responsive website for the New Millennium Movement

This is a story about how a website design effort became the catalyst for a nonprofit organization to crystalize its future goals and objectives.

New Millennium Movement is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to equip youth with the tools and resources needed to maximize their opportunities and potential.

They have developed a three-step process to assist them in bridging the gap between their hopeful aspirations and their goals for success through Managing, Mentoring, and Motivating their selected skill set to reach their maximum potential.

Key Objectives

After several meetings, phone calls, and video conferences with the stakeholder, we came up with the following primary goals for the site:


A digital Identity

The site will convey the New Millennium Movement’s vision, mission, and impact to the general public as well as to the four main groups that the New Millennium Movement interacts with: Students, Parents of participants, Volunteers and Educators, Donors.


A hub for interaction

The site will consolidate all New Millennium Movement-related information in one digital repository. It will act as a centralized hub that collects traffic from various social media platforms. Besides, it encourages youth to use services and get help from the New Millennium Movement which leads to enhancing skills for their career goal


Whom Are We Designing For?

After speaking to the stakeholders of the organization, we determined that our primary audience comprises four groups: Students, Parents of participants, Volunteers or Educators, Donors.

Here are the four personas that represent each group:


Heuristic Evaluation

We conducted the heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis, and organizing information activity to build the navigation based on the validated findings.

In order to find the usability problems in the user interface design of the current website, we conducted Jakob Nielson’s 10 heuristics.

Website before the Redesign
New Millennium Movement (N2KM)
HOME _ N2KM_Page_1.jpg
Competitive Analysis

We looked to several nonprofit organization websites to study how they position themselves in the digital space and compare them with the New Millennium Movement's website before the redesign. 

We chose to analyze deeply four of the direct competitors; "Mentoring", "Friends for Youth", "YMCA" and " Build on".  All the competitors stood out for their focus on mentoring and empowering the youth generation.

We analyzed the way each one communicates their identities through their websites. The most immediate trend we observed was the difference in the appearance of the competitor’s websites to N2KM's website before the redesign.

Other important features being offered by competitors were donation pages/forms on the website, multiple ways to give back/get involved.


Ideate & Design


We began to define the functionality, content, and site navigation through redesigning the sitemap. 

Website Sitemap before the Redesign
Old Sitemap-1.jpg
Redesigned Sitemap

We were able to narrow down the scope of the website design effort and convey it in this preliminary sitemap. We made every effort to make sure that a piece of information is never more than three levels deep.

Sitemap (1).jpg