Saba Dairy

  Saba is a local dairy brand that was trying to update its brand. Saba's products are yogurt, three different types of milk, cheese, and cream. All of the products were prepared in a traditional way and homogenized fresh and without preservatives. That factory was small with an ambition to grow and of course, their packaging would be played a key role in all of this.


Packaging Design, Logotype 





   The challenge was to identify the brand that would unite their vision and uniqueness in a very competitive market. They wanted a brand that reflected their local identity and that kept their familiar name, while not being too serious or conventional.

Concept and idea:

      The client wanted to emphasize their culture and antiquity. I worked with some iconic images that appear on the local handmade rugs that reflect their history. These textures are very familiar to the local community. The inspiration for a new concept that we could use on all of the packages came from these rugs. I wanted to give their packages a more distinct feel from other dairy packaging and help it stand out from the competition.

Pattern Turkmen Dairy 000.jpg


    To understand the Saba customer groups, I spent two months researching. I also browsed other brands to understand the local market. Then we created the prototype models using the unique style I had designed. We tested the prototypes with real customers and selected the best-performing design for production.

    This new brand feature and packaging performed successfully. The packaging design was enthusiastically supported by the Saba management team and received positive customer feedback and strong sales right after its launch.