Sepehr Sina

       Sepehr Sina Ltd. is a commercial company located in northern Iran. The company’s domain of activity includes importing electronics and home-use appliances.


Print Materials & Branding Stationery, Monogram





       My task was to design a sign and print materials. The client was looking for a simple yet modern monogram for the importing company that worked across its different business areas. The challenge was to represent the full scope of their business rather than only showing one side of their work or a specific icon.

      The client also wanted the brand to reflect the reliability, convenience, availability, and high quality of the product. The goal of the new brand was to create a sign and a single style that was noticeable and memorable.

Sepehr-0720 Monogram Grid.jpg

Idea & Concept:

      The monogram form itself is a very clean, modern, and structured curve form that come from the letter S of the business’s name. The color palettes of blue and green represent the business’s character through showing reliability and formality.


      The end design is timeless and easily recognizable. The new brand sign and stationary performed well and were supported by the Sepehr Sina management team. I brought a different modern take to something official and I designed an abstract mark to represent their services. I created three different styles for the same icon to give them flexibility for future use.